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Chanson De Vie Dance Studio

 Don't Strive to impress, strive to improve!

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Welcome to Chanson de Vie's website!

Happy New Year!!! 

We've Moved! Please check out our new address!!

Map and Pictures of the New Studio Location

Bay area residents now have an exciting new exercise alternative.  Chanson de Vie is offering classes in Middle Eastern Dance.
Middle Eastern Dance is more commonly known as Belly Dance, and is an ancient Egyptian Art form of dance dating back to the age of the Pharoahs.  This dance form promotes suppleness of the body, and toning and strengthening of the muscles without high impact as often found in other aerobic exercise.
Belly dance is a dance of self-expression, not a tease or a come-on.  This dance form is also a marvelous stress reducer.  And if you are like most of us, afraid to face the athletic crowds at the gym, don't worry, a "Perfect Body" is NOT required.
The instructors at Chanson de Vie teach a variety of styles:  Egyptian, Arabic, Ghawazee, Gypsy, and Greek caberet with an emphasis on posture, technique, and expression.  Advanced students learn a variety of choreographies and have been seen performing at several venues around the Houston and Nassau Bay Areas.
Come and enjoy a refreshing change of Aerobic Exercise!!

We are located at:

913 Oakgrove Drive
Houston, TX  77058

Phone: (281) 486-4340

Please Check the
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