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Chanson De Vie Dance Studio

Ashana's Bio

     Cindy better known as Ashana has been a member of the Chanson De Vie family for over 10 years now. She has been teaching for about the last 6 years.
     She began her dance career at the age of 34 and hasn't looked back. During the last 12 years or so she has traveled the country studying under some of the most famous dancers in the country and abroad. Some of her favorites are Suhaila Salimpour, Margo Abdoo O'dell, Horacio and Biata, Bahaia, Melissa Amir, Raggia Hassan, and Jillina to name a few.
     Cindy dances from a emotional point of view and tries hard to convey those emotions to her students and her audiences. She encourages her students to study under as many teachers as they can and to always do the best they can and more. Cindy considers herself a tough teacher but only because she expects so much from herself and wants her students to walk away with a sense of accomplishment.
When her students step on stage she wants them all to feel confident and secure that they have learned what they need to perform and to represent the dance in a positive and effective manner.
     Her class is designed for the dancer who wants to perform in a public venue. Cindy also teaches her students the importance as well as the skills of doing their own choreography as well as learning and adapting another’s. Her motto is don't stop now honey, your on a roll. Cindy can be seen most Saturday nights at the Mediterraneo Cafe and Grocery in Nassau Bay, Texas.

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