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Chanson De Vie Dance Studio
Shanson's Bio

Hello Guys: Well, a little bit about me...
I've been dancing all of my life, but in the Middle Eastern Style for 20 years officially, and I have been teaching for about 15 years, give or take a few years. My mentor was "Bobby" Abraham Farrah. I traveled back and forth to New York for years, and whenever he taught anywhere close to Texas, I went.
My first teacher was Sandy at Sirrom School... She was the most patient and understanding teacher that I have ever had. Thanks Sandy...My next was Shakira Massod Ali and Leilha Gamal, Cassandra, Margo Abdo O'Dell, Eva Cernik, Amaya, Madam Ragia Hasaan, and Mayoudi (Paris) and not to fault or forget anyone else, the list is so long. Thank you to all of my instructors I have taken from.
I have danced locally in festivals, clubs, and private parties. I have also danced internationally in England, Scotland, and Paris and have had a few chances to dance in our beloved New York...
I love to teach, and since I have now recovered from cancer [lymphoma], I truly believe that someone higher up thinks that I have something to give to my fellow dancer. Every day I am thankful that I can still dance and make someone happy...Even if I just dance for myself.
If you decide to register for class or anything else we are involved in, please feel free.  Don't be afraid to be yourself, but always be the best you can be.

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