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Chanson De Vie Dance Studio

Three Day Belly Dance Seminar in May 2004

 Featuring:  Bahaia, Melissa Amira, and Margo Abdo O'Dell

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Chanson de Vie Dance Studio would like to thank our vendors, the students who attended, and, of course, the three fabulous instructors!
Bahaia taught us the fading art of the Taqseem.  What a great way to remember that we don't have to move at lightening speeds to create a beautiful dance.
Melissa taught us technique thru a fun 3 min drum solo.  Everyone wants to dance a drum solo but always forgets that there is more that just shimmies.  It's also great to remember that walking and posing is allowed.
Margo taught us a fun ethnic cane routine as well as covered some of the history of the dance.  It's always fun to dance something slightly different as well as learn where the dance started and progressed thru the years.
For those of you who attended, thank you for coming, we hope you had a fun, fabulous time.  For those of you who didn't attend the workshop but came to the show, thank you for your support.  For those of you didn't come to anything,  well, maybe we'll see you next time.
Merci, and we hope to see you all next time!

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